Hi Wanda,

I agree the lack of hair product options is problematic. I try to avoid going to the Asian-owned hair stores because of the lack of respect for us and their products not always being fresh. Like you I’d go to Sally’s or when I went to my stylist I’d buy products from the distributors that came into the shops. Target has the most comprehensive line of hair products for us which is awesome, but my hometown in SC didn’t have a Target, so drug stores and Walmart were it. I will give Walmart credit, they conduct excellent market research and try to supply products based on the community’s demographic.

Grocery stores are hit or miss. Once you find one that stocks Black hair care products they usually become the go-to. I never had skin care needs. I’m a Dove soap, Neutrogena, alcohol gal. Hair care was the only issue.

It’s amazing how little the world caters to otherness. White people don’t have to worry about any need they may have. Must be nice.

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