Hi Ydenise,

I was waiting to hear from you! I agree with everything you've noted. We were amazing and stronger when we actually had to compete with White people from the outside. We did not allow them to deter us, and we excelled.

I even feel you on the allies. Really I do. I extended the offer because I think about the Underground Railroad and so many other instances where White people have helped us. There is a place, time, and role for allies, but their role is not in our getting understanding or building our own things. It's not entirely possible to free ourselves with White gazes looking on. Each group will have to make their own call on how/when this happens.

There are some Black people who have indeed betrayed us and should never be allowed back into the fold. They showed their asses, let them lay with their masters. I hope the money was good. They'll meet their demise like most traitors do.

As a grant writer, I've written and reviewed a lot of grants to help various ethnic groups for specific target group only programs and services and for years I've wondered why Black folks don't do these things. Literally our tax dollars go to help everyone but Black people, yet other groups will tell us what we do and do not deserve. The very next piece I'm working on is about the programs, services, and activities, that other groups have specific to THEIR RESPECTIVE GROUPS. Then I'm going to show us what we have.

Hopefully putting it on front street now that the jig is up on the POC coalition will also motivate Black groups to lobby for their own and advocate pro-Black agendas. Of all the groups I still like Yvette Carnell/ Tone Talks and ADOS the best because they help us work within all the confines we have. We can't go to Africa. Most of us can't by a plane ticket to Vegas. So Black and African people making Black people feel guilty about being poor is fucking stupid. The arrogance pisses me off. We don't have any place on earth we can go to escape racism and discrimination. America is our home. Get back to the basics and lets live the way we used to live. As long as we run around begging and crying we're not going to be respected. Money is power and community is strength.

The days of self-centeredness and individualism in the Black community needs to come to an end soon. We can't afford to be like White people. Everybody needs to have a seat at a table, and Black folks need to learn to build their tables. We can do this. It's time. I'll be figuring it out, working with new vehicles and helping us to build our foundation for the new house.

I'm ready.

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