His business acumen is what impresses them the most 😂😂😂. The mofo credit was so bad American banks wouldn’t lend to him anymore. The mug has civil lawsuits littered in court systems going back decades for not paying contractors. The sucker duck hires and exploits illegal immigrants to work for him illegally and under the table. He destroyed Atlantic City and left it destitute with his casino acumen. He’s exploited people of color for quick financial gains, because he knows how to choose his victims in the same way a serial killer preys on his/her victims.

Everything the motherfucker touches dies. And so will this country. You can kiss this nation goodbye. As always, justice is slow when it comes to capturing White collar criminals and because it’s a system their ancestors designed and they consistently upgrade they are full aware about how to not get ensnared in it.

Nothing is going to happen to Trump. He will be allowed to destroy the nation, bankrupt hundreds of millions of Americans, and starve millions of others because the faithful few believe in White Supremacy and value it more than humanity. This time though, White folks are going to feel this because all the bedrock systems they believe in (free markets, trade, protectionism, robbing peter to pay Paul, segregation, and capitalism) are going to aid in their demise. When Trump finishes thumping on their asses, they will GLADLY get free mental health care for the masses.

Once you’ve been in a relationship with a malignant narcissist, you’re never the same!

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