Hmmmm. I would say it’s not okay to be White because “White” was created in this nation solely to create inequality. If you’d go back to the first Civil Rights Act of 1866, Whites were seen as people, human, and had rights. Blacks did not. White is associated with privilege and preference, humanity, and priority. After 400 years, very little has changed. I agree White people should examine their fragility and guilt to understand why they feel the way they feel. White is a racial construct for social and economic superiority. It’s not real. Whites should feel bad about their racial construct only if they think of their White skin as a source of pride and a part of a broader, more superior social standing. If you’re doing all you can to be team human then hey…high-five to you. Congratulations for being self-aware.

But if being White means to Whites doing the sniff test realize they engage in segregation of any kind, oppression, exclusion, neglect, degrading stereotypes about non-White folks, fear of otherness, and comparing Whiteness to Blackness/otherness as a metric to measure White progress (or the lack of for other groups) without taking into consideration history, well they may want to reevaluate life. It’s about equality at the end if the day. Either you’re for it or you’re not.

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