Holy Cow!!!

I was literally sick reading that essay even though I know it to be true. To be able to recall ten whole years worth of treating people inhumanely and engaging in criminal behavior at the expense of taxpayers is a kick in the gut. Black people have long known about how corrupt police are. The entire system is rotten and anyone working in it is no good. I just thought about this piece of the weekend after a conversation with my partner (retired law enforcement). I had no idea this was floating around on Medium.

The comments are really sending me. The confessions, the corroboration, and the support given by other officers and family members is eerie.

Even trying to have a conversation about how corrupt they are is a fight. Police are the ultimate domestic violence abusers and I agree with the writer we should ask for police to be abolished to create a better, more humane system to deal with people. The most impacted by the abuse should be in charge of the revamp. Anything else is more of the same, especially when the curt reform is suggested by White men and women. Because they are the least impacted and the least informed they often don’t make decisions that bring about real change.

Politicians should excuse themselves from the reconstruction process until the final framework is fleshed. We just need to them to enact our new structure.

I have little hope that will ever happen because White men love their power and refuse to cede it to others. White Supremacy is hard to break.

As long as we support capitalism, policing will remain the same. The writer said so many things about policing that I’ve thought about over the years working as an advocate in the system that I leaped. Policing is loaded with sociopaths and abusers who shouldn’t be doing anything with human beings.

We have been trained that these people are good for leadership roles when in fact it’s quite the opposite. People are going to have to use their common-sense and critical thinking skills to change the state we’re currently living in.

Following our corrupt government, regardless of party, will get us nowhere. In fact, America needs a new government, one where all the people are represented and treated equally from day one. One where police don’t have power or immunity. We need a tiered government run by the people, not career politicians.

It was nice hearing the officer be honest, disheartening that he stayed for 10 years. This piece confirms everything I believe and then some. There are no good cops and I will go to my grave saying it. I don’t see things getting any better in the coming day.

If anything, I see everything the writer said coming to pass.

This is a dangerous time for us all, but it’s up to White people to abolish the police. We (Blacks and POC) have no power as individual groups, and collectively we aren’t represented in a way that allows us to make radical changes to institutions and structures. We need help, and we need minds to change ASAP. Our lives are depending on it.

We’re heading towards a police state, and it’s not just Blacks being harmed. Whites are being harmed too. We must work together to make a new America, the one we say we are on paper. I’ve never been more afraid than I am right now.

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