How can you possibly understand what we are saying? You exemplify the problem. You gloss over everything we’ve said to emphatically make your point. You’re right, something bad needs to happen to wake White people up. African Americans and descendants of slaves have endured slavery, slavery revolts and rebellions, the Reconstruction Era, Civil War, Jim Crow, slave patrols, 20th and 21st century biased policing, the War on Drugs created just for us, eugenics, lynching.

What in the heck do you mean something bad needs to happen? Why is it that White people only see and feel bad when it happens to them. You validate my point.

Something needs to happen to White people. I’m fine and absolutely am perfectly cool with disregarding your needs in the same way you consistently disregard and and disagree with mines. You, likely a White male, have nothing to worry about. You’re educated and at the top of the food chain in this here republic, which is why you have the ideas, opinions, and feelings that you do. I respect them, but I disagree with them.

Something bad has happened to America. Rich, morally bankrupt White MEN and women have mislead middle-class and poor, ignorant White MEN and women and they refuse to see the truth. The rest of us are collateral damage.

It’s the typical saga here. Blame the victims, not the perpetrators and when the victims complain project, redirect, and bash them. Trump, America’s rich White male con-artist has sold the nation out thanks to White people buying into Whiteness and anger and you’ll tell me I need to come together. I’d love to see you use the same messages with people White people. They made this mess, we didn’t. They need to clean it up.

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