Hypocrisy of the Pro-Life Movement is right!

Spouts pro-life…but loves wars that kill people they don’t even know to include babies and children. Humans for goodness sake.

Pro-life but pro war. Pro-life, but won’t fund foster care for women and men choosing to put infants up for adoption to give them a fighting chance. Pro-life but won’t entertain fostering. Pro-life but against public education for all, so those foster kids that are in the child welfare systems don’t get a fair shot. Pro-life but won’t take of elders who gave us life and paved the way for us to be indignant in this moment. Pro-life, but rogue pro-police having unlimited powers which includes unnecessarily killing people without any accountability. Pro-life and free to practice their religion which supposedly preserves life, yet goes to abortion clinics to kill people who practice their contrary own beliefs. Pro-life, but also pro-discrimination, pro-segregation (including segregated worshiping of their Gods), pro-racism, and pro-imprisonment…all of which smothers the hell out of life.

It’s about the sanctity of alright! As a former foster kid and former evangelical Christian… I see the flawed ways in their thinking, the hunger and thirsting for power, and the hypocrisy in their pro-life stance. Thanks for calling it out.

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