I absolutely agree. Thank you for saying this. Society treats boys being sexually assaulted as if it’s a rite of passage. When that boy is all grown up with a trail of children by different baby momas, and has made all sorts of bad choices because of his socially accepted sexual abuse or/and assault, we then wanna throw him under the bus. We are a part of the problem. Hurt people hurt people, and it’s clear there are a lot of hurt Black men who don’t know or don’t care about the law, consent, SA/DV, or childhood trauma.

They are dangerous and likely predators. I always appreciate when they support their fellow perverted brethren. I learn just how man peds we have walking among us.

Addressing this problem means we’d have to deal with the hip-hop culture and the Black music industry. Nobody seems to want to clean house or call out Black men glorifying sex and rape. We must do better about protecting our children.

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