I absolutely agree it's very important that we help our children know where they can be safe and where they won't be, especially in the South. My dad did that with us when we were kids. He had stories for each state. I've traveled to a lot of places but I definitely tell when I'm somewhere I should be, like Mobile, AL down town having lunch. There are some places we just shouldn't go even in 2020.

White people will never accept us. This nation has been racist for so long it would need to catch completely on fire and burn to the ground, destabilizing the existing social order and putting us all on an equal playing field.

There is no hope for this country which is why I have no problem saying what I say. History has shown time and time again White people won't do right. Every time we progress, there's whitelash and white rage. All we're going to get for a Black VP is White rage. We got Trump after Obama.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Hoping White people will change is delayed disappointment. White people act like we won a war. I just don't have the energy to waste on White folks' shenanigans.

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