I absolutely missed all of that as a child. Now I have to go back and watch it again. As you have said, I wouldn’t be offended as it was quite a regular occurrence during those times. I don’t think I’d appreciate a re-write of the old classic because it has some sentimental value to me. Like you, I believe that children’s classic it’s history. We shouldn’t protest the show, we instead discuss the subtle ways racism and exclusion were practiced in television programming, and how it still happens today.

There are plenty of things to get angry about, like commercials featuring dark-skinned Black women as single moms coming home from a hard days work preparing dinner alone no husband, while white women get a husband (one of any race) to provide for her children and eat dinner with. White dads are stay at home dads to White children, or Black dads are stay at home dads to mixed raced children, never fully Black. The only time you see traditional Black commercials are on BET (and that’s about the best thing smokin on that channel besides the old reruns of Good Times, Sanford & Son, etc.). How about the Lexus holiday commercials? What about the White washed Bass Pro Series and Bass Pro Shop ads never contain people of color in them. Same for their old Whitewashed raggedy fishing show series.

There are so many racist and discriminatory commercials and shows on television made over the today in real time to be bitchin about a 45-year old cartoon. This was a great discussion and quite eye-opening.

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