I agree, as much as I despise Trump, I feel like the media and his haters are really going after him for no legally sound reason. If the his (and I mean that literally) Justice Department refuses to prosecute him, what’s the point? He’s criminal enough to stack all the unethical, barely legal, yet politically astute White Supremacist professionals around him to protect him no matter how long he stays in office. So the Congressional investigations are going to be a waste of time and venture off into something that has nothing to do with collusion. He will have been investigated for four years and even Trump non-supporters will believe that’s overreach and vote for Trump (aka the fake news underdog).

Trump highlights America’s obsession with people needing to pay a price at all times. Cutting off your nose spite your face so to speak. I feel like Black folks warned White folks about all the drama that comes with Trump and they didn’t listen. They never listen to us. We can’t tell these folks about how close to the edge of the ledge America is. So they’ll just have to find out the hard way like my daddy says.

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