I agree here. In one breath, Black people complain about being erased by White folks, immigrants, people of color, in the next breath we’re including groups in struggles and battles their Blac. and Brown parents didn’t fight because they were immigrants, they were just beneficiaries of our struggle.

We erase ourselves, our struggles, and accomplishments. There is no wrong here. People have the right to be upset, and Ms. Bridges can bless her.

Others in the struggle who lived the life and their descendants also have the right to feel it’s disrespectful. It’s a slippery slope, and Black people need to be careful grandfathering everyone into the struggle of descendants of slaves.

It’s the erasure for me. Erasing our struggle makes it just that much harder for descendants of American slaves to be recognized and respected in the social hierarchy. It also puts a dent in our reparations claims, giving White people yet another reason not to consider our claim.

White opponents of reparations love nothing more than telling us it’s impossible to determine who is entitled to a settlement. Who is Black? What is Black? What’s our criteria? Cases like this validate their allegations.

I think we can celebrate our new VP without giving her credit she doesn’t deserve.

Lineage matters to many. And that’s okay.

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