I agree. I don’t have a good feeling that anything will be corrected by today’s vote. Today I see America like the rest of Europe. They don’t want to deal with all of the atrocities they’ve created in Brown countries. They don’t want to allow Brown people into their countries after spending decades (sometimes centuries) destroying and destabilizing their native lands. Colonizing has come home to roost. The world has been plundered, the people have been enslaved, impoverished humiliated, and starved to death because of America and countries like ours.

Now they fear people seeking help. The Brown people globally are leaving their homelands and seeking the lands of milk and honey. A land where White Supremacy lives and thrives…and proclaims to have its shit together. A land where they take care of their White people…and their people who assimilate.

It’s happening all over the globe. It’s trending. This is just the beginning my friend.

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