I agree. I just question some victims, especially those educated and having worked in the sexual assault field. I feel like just like we hold leaders to a higher standard, some victims should also be held to higher standards. We want zero standards for women and the highest for men. It’s really not fair or about justice sometimes…its simply about gender plain and simple. I believe women — but I have also seen some women do all-sorts of things out of pocket for revenge. I don’t necessarily blame the victim for choosing her method to disclose, but again when victims still have opportunities to seek justice and don’t (like Fairfax’s two accusers) and choose the media to disclose sex crimes — what’s the point. If you make the official report, the media will still get the memo (FOIA requests/open reports and arrest records pulled daily).

The perp will be fucked either way and an effort to receive justice is made. I am starting to question motives now. We shouldn’t get wings and a heaven stamp.

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