I agree. I try my best not to read their pushed crap and featured stories for that very reason. If people are like many here, they don’t really want to go any place else to connect with our favs. I think it’s a bad idea to leave and not a bad idea to build an audience elsewhere in case eventually we’re all smothered to death. I feel medium is becoming more like LinkedIn or Facebook. Just shoving us garbage without understanding our intentions for being her in the first place was to escape that crap.

When you leave the one who brings you to the dance, things don’t work out well for you. It happens in music, the restaurant business, the big box stores retail and apparel, and it will happen to Medium as well. Getting greedy comes with a huge price tag.

There are all kinds of sites for authors to push their books and themselves. I will only support the little guy here. The ones pre- Medium transformation. Anything Medium is pushing on me, I am not buying. #ignoreit

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