I agree. I’m not sure why Black folks have degrees of sin based on race. I’m also uncertain why we have this double standard or inability to see how men like this cause harm. These people, both women and men, are the same people who allow women to be abused and who allow hurt young women and girls to go on to become broken, lost, traumatized women. We say Black Lives Matter — as long as the person harming us is White. When we harm each other — we turn a blind eye. It’s not right. It’s hypocritical.

This cycle of abuse will never end if we don’t deal with our own demons in our own community. When we put money and talents over people, morals and human decency we lose every time. I wonder how many children are being raised by his supporters? I wonder how many of those children have been abused and their abusers excused because some of these R. Kelly loving women simply love a man more than they love themselves or their kids?

It’s a sad state of affairs.

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