I agree Joe 200%, White child rearing sucks because it does not prepare their young women and men to global and national citizens. They grow up to entitled privileged racist who lack social and emotional intelligence. It’s the reason why most White people can’t have a conversation without it reverting back to them. Most Blacks and people of color don’t have a choice but interact with White people because they run, control, and horde everything. For too many White people, interacting with us is a choice, one most are not interested in engaging in unless it’s for transactional purpose (i.e. stealing/appropriating culture, work, etc.).

This leads to elevator Ellens. Even if they choose to live a sanitized, bleached life, they should work diligently to expose their children to color so that they won’t grow up and be afraid of them. And they need to stop teaching their daughters all men are bad and they need to fear them. Instead, they need to teach both sons and daughters about human nature, making good choices, how not to get drunk and so they can be aware of their surroundings, teach sons how to protect and care for all people (not just women), and most importantly how to identify sociopaths and psychopaths in our families, not just strangers. People are harmed the most (physically and sexually) by people they are close to or related to, NOT strangers, which also upsets me most.

The data is there. I wish they’d read it.

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