I agree. Right now Dems have no coordinated message (except hating Trump), all the peacocks are out spreading their wings, and they have the same problem the GOP which was a bunch of dissatisfied citizens in their party with no real alternatives.

Trump is only a mere symptom of what is wrong with both parties. Neither works, and neither works together anymore the way the Constitution meant for them to. Neither party works for America anymore, they work for their personal interests and their party affiliation. Dem Feminists are saying it’s time for a woman to President instead of it being time to fix America for everyone.

As long as we have mixed messages, selfish subgroups, and politicians who clearly can’t see or hear what the all the American people want or need, America is up shit creek without a paddle going over a cliff fast. We will just have to look at it and wave bye-bye. There are too many selfish narcissists in politics today to do anything to save this nation.

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