I agree Sharon! Microaggressions literally gave me IBS after working with passive-aggressive White women in higher Ed for almost 9 years. I left the job and never looked back. I can’t say it’s all been gravy, but my health is so much more important than a career, positions, or money. Working with White people has been bad for our physical, emotional, and financial health.

Those unseen abuses are so hard to prove, but I’ve found through writing about them more people experience them than we know. White people tend to dismiss these microaggressions as being assholes, but that’s just an excuse to not stop being racist. I don’t tolerate it anymore. We’ve seen video evidence of microaggressions, and they still want more evidence.

It’s time to come to grips with the fact a lot of people don’t want to change. And that’s cool , we just need to stop pretending and protect ourselves. We can’t continue to wait on people to get this. We have nothing else to lose at this point except our lives.

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