I agree that there can be multiple slogans, but who are the slogans really for? Throw that slogan on your powerpoint presentation when it’s presented on proposal to Congress, but don’t destroy or destabilize a movement with a slogan that is confusing and allows racist to use it to their advantage. That’s how we know we didn’t create the shitty slogan lol.

Angry, fed up Black people say what they mean and mean what they say. Screaming we matter too was appropriate, because it centered us and what was harming us. Decentering us to talk about police, White jobs, White policy, and their family and friends shifted the tide for us.

BLM started as a street-level, grassroots movement until Defund came and stole its thunder. I don’t particularly care about the slogan myself. I just don’t want those most impacted to be overshadowed by the politics of misinterpretation/reinvention, and that’s what happened. I feel as long as my people protesting on the streets who aren’t familiar with government speak can understand their slogan and are okay with it, it’s cool. They started this. This is about them. But the slogan and movement was co-opted. All the Defund slogan meant could have been discussed at a table with politician and Black grassroots leaders at a later date. The important thing was to keep the momentum and make White people uncomfortable.

For us in my opinion, we have to be careful with co-opting. Sometimes, White and Black feminists groups, the LGBTQ community, and academia will come in with stuff mixing up in our business and the next thing you now, we’re centering them, not us. Obama knows White people more intimately than Black people ever will because he was raised by them, and he knows what it takes to get what he wants and needs for them. He has done more pandering to Whites than fighting for Blacks. His comments on the slogan along with his book release, and coming out at the last minute leaving us for the last 4 years to fend for ourselves has been something.

The other thing that irks me about Obama is how he takes breaks and goes silent like he ain’t Black no more lol.

No civil rights leader we ever had would just leave the way he does. Not Jesse, not Rev. Al, not Dr.King…nobody. This dude isn’t cut from the same cloth as ADOS Black men. You wake up everyday fighting for your people. Everyday you’re trying to save us. You don’t leave and go dark for 3.5 years and come campaign 3 weeks before the election. No help with voter suppression, no grassroots fundraising or nothin! Obama checks in and out just like White people do with their performative allyship.

I don’t have anything left for him. The emperor doesn’t have any clothes and Black people are finally starting to take notice and tell him. It’s long over due. I’m sad I didn’t catch his BS sooner.

The bottom line though (I believe) is no matter what we demand in a slogan, White people aren’t interested in dismantling the racist systems they’ve created, not without a physical fight. The fight over slogans is a political fight, one we’ll never benefit from, and one we don’t have a huntin dog in. Black people are pawns on a political chessboard. We gotta learn how to play chess. Thanks for chiming in. There is room to evolve in the discussion, but what’s the purpose if White people care more about the slogan than the atrocities? Idk, just thinking aloud here.

Well, be safe Sis and I’m wishing you and your family a happy holiday season. Let’s keep making lemonade out of these lemons! This year is almost over thank GOD! lol

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