I agree. Todd is talking to those “moderate” and “conservative” Democratic racists who can’t stand Fox News but identify with other Republicanisms. I’ve noticed MSNBC has become a lot Whiter and male over the past year which is not an accident. I don’t know how Andrea Mitchell still has her job being she was married to Alan Greenspan. Morning Joe (Mika and Joe) are terrible and is nostalgic play-by-play of days gone by with the GOP is sickening. He’s an Independent Republican spewing the same crap he did when he was a Republican. Mika is the submissive wife of the GOP man who is disrespected repeatedly day after day by her husband and his buddies.

I can’t even watch MSNBC anymore. Katy Tur is a GOP hack pretending to be a cheerful reformed liberal. I even question Chris Hayes most days. There are very few pundits on the network who speak truth and disavow the lies. They definitely have an agenda we don’t know about. Why is the big question?

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