I agree. We are witnessing a rollback in civil and human rights for non-White people, and no matter how loud we screamed this would happen, here we are.

We saw the rise of White Supremacy first hand after the election of Obama. This is the whitelash White people wanted to put us in our places. God forbid we hold America accountable and make her be what she says she is on paper. Enough white people would rather burn this mother down than to share is the gist of the matter — even if White people get hurt in the process.

America needs mental health counseling. We (not all of us) are in love with sociopaths, sexual predators, and authoritarian leaders who lie, cheat, and steal everything that isn’t nailed down. Instead of being tired of it, we’ll nominate that thing and allow it to rule for 40 years, as long as it’s White.

I just don’t know what to say about the country. I really don’t — except it was good sometimes while it lasted. This is it! I’m playing taps in my mind as I wave goodbye to the way things used to be. Can’t put this back in a bottle.

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