I agree wholeheartedly. Many Black women supported Hillary. I never did. I agree. Donna Brazille and Debbie Wasserman enabled hijacked the Democratic party and the nomination from Bernie in an effort to get the first woman elected as POTUS. I also acknowledge many Black women support, believe, and blindly follow Brazille for guidance on who to support.

Black women have blindly followed White feminist for nearly a century and it’s gotten them nowhere. I personally follow policy and legislation and how it impacts people, something the average American simply can’t understand. I did not play the race card. I have written plenty of opinions about bad Black political leadership and the willful ignorance of many Black people when it comes to politics. This essay simply touched the surface on how women like Hillary don’t have any interest in lifting up Black women except when it benefits them.

Obama was forced by the Democratic party as well to support Hillary in return for their support of him, despite the racist remarks Hillary and Bill insinuated during the initial campaign. Notice he did not support Hillary during her campaign, and there is a reason. Her name is Michelle Obama. It’s a Black thing. Code. The average person wouldn’t understand it.

In any event, all politicians are frauds, regardless of their ethnicity.

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