I agree wholeheartedly, there are good white people, but not nearly enough willing to stand up to White supremacists or who will strategically deconstruct White supremacy (i.e. the way they vote and do politics). At the heart of white supremacy is selfishness, and that’s the thing that too many good white folks don’t understand. Someone else always sacrifices to make maintain their social order. It’s cognitive dissonance.

I like the term good White folks because in order to get it they must physically do something to earn it and its recognized by us. We give the title, they don’t get to make it up and give it to us (like they did race and our titles). Allies is not an appropriate title to call White people freedom fighting. I’m not going to use it anymore either. That may mean I need to define good white folks for everybody to keep them from going up a tree though (lol). Thanks for adding value to the convo Charles as always. I appreciate you. Be safe out here.

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