I agree with everything you’ve noted here Sue. I subcontract with the federal government and I see where LGBTQ protections have been erased, many education programs funded that help poor people and minorities have either been discontinued or rendered ineffective. We knew this would happen when DeVos was named because of how she ran education in Michigan. It was no surprise.

To sum it all up, we all knew what was going to happen for a Trump Presidency, but White folks voted for him anyway because they love White Supremacy more than anything else in America.

I’m going to keep saying this to the cows come home.

Black people did not vote for Trump. We did not put him in office.

Black people did not vote for Trump. We did not put him in office.

Black people did not vote for Trump. We did not put him in office.

I think analyzing how we vote is part of the problem. We recognized the threats Trump posed and our we voted accordingly. Black voters make up 13% of people in America, only 13%.

White people accuse us of acting like we really have some say or sway in who is elected. 70% of America in not Black. I cannot for the life of me figure out why people don’t understand the fixation with how we vote is a ruse to allow White people to escape their role and responsibility in how they vote.


At the end of the day, we hold our noses and vote for Biden because Black people who have lived in America long enough know how the majority of White people act and think. I know why Black people are voting for Biden, and I know why I am voting for him. I took my lead from White people. Black people are the bellwethers and temperature gauges for America people refuse to listen to. We are the mirrors show America the reflection of what it truly is, and people instead choose to look away and focus on other things to distract at the ugliness reflected there.

America’s original sin is racism and racial discrimination. All those other groups you named encapsulates Black people. We need to address racism first. We keep ignoring it as if it’s going away. As you can see it’s not. From 1619 until now, we continue to talk about racism because it continues to be a persistent problem for us. Racism allows the bad racists to come in and harm all the other groups you noted. The voting majority choose racists first.

Racism is the driving factor for White people and many simply will not admit it. Racism and inequality are married. If you tolerate one, you love both and at the end of the day that’s what we are fighting racism — the thing that drives men to act in ways that harm disadvantaged groups like the ones you’ve noted. If you don’t fix racism, you’ll never fix inequality. This nation was founded on inequality, and it only thrives on inequality. We keep one down so others can use them to climb up.

It seems only one group of people can’t understand this, and they are the people who are the largest voting majority in America. It’s not Black people, because we only make up 13% of the entire nation, which why I never understand the reason so many people crtitque our vote. Of 100% of the people in America, we make up 13% of the population, and a bunch of Black folks don’t even vote. The media does a number on most folks to convince them we are the problem, when in fact, White people (in particular White women) have the majority of voting power in America.

I feel if anyone needs to be educated, it’s White people.

At anytime a White woman can enjoy privileges a Black woman cannot. She has the privilege or being a minority when it suits her, and being White when it benefits her. The same applies to a gay or trans White person. At anytime they want to they can decide to be White when they need to be a White man or White woman in order to exercise White privileges Black gay people cannot because of their skin tone. And we don’t even have to talk about the benefits White students and communities have over Black ones, even when poverty isn’t an issue. Black students don’t receive the same educational resources as White students because White people have been in charge of our educational systems and taxation structures since the nation was conceived.

I’m with you Sue to an extent, but at some point we have to recognize the White Supremacy in everything we’re discussing here. White Supremacy touches everything and it’s the driver of inequality, hate, and racial segregation in America that gave us a Donald Trump— regardless of how Black people vote.

Biden is yet another relfection of what is wrong with America. We need to fix this. I feel like this is the last chance for a very long time. We are regressing to Pre-Jim Crow eras, and it’s pretty amazing.

If push comes to shove, a White person can drop their disadvantage group status as White person and live another day should they need to just like they did in the good old days. They can hide their gay to preserve their lives. They’ll turn White and straight so fast it will make your head spin, I know because I’ve read stories about it. White women are feminists and intersectional until White is more beneficial. They’ll stand with Whiteness and White men, leaving Black women and POC behind. They’ve done it too many times to count.

For people of color, we don’t have White skin to hide behind. Race is the elephant in the room we need to address. Biden is a symptom of what’s wrong in America. White Supremacy is the Coronavirus we can’t seem to outrun.

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