I agree with everything you've said Alan. Every single word. We can't stop fighting. We can't give up or they'll win. We must vote different, and we absolutely must give rural taxpayers and families the same or similar opportunities to thrive that urban and suburban communities have. Businesses must be forced to distribute wealth and opportunities, which means no more cherry-picking the more educated employee pools and excluding poor rural employees pools because of the inequity in educational funding and resources.

And equality needs to be defined. Most people aren't interested in giving people something who aren't trying or contributing. Equality means giving people the same opportunities to succeed, work, and live. It means sharing wealth by spreading opportunities for people to accrue wealth. It means even redefining what wealth is. We must weed out racists, those too ridiculously liberal or too outrageously conservative. America is a moderately conservative country. If we can fix some of the big issues like racism and inequality while making things more fair. Once we get situated, we could make incremental changes which would help all of us, not just the richest or the most privileged among us who don't need as much.

Everything about America needs to change. Every institution, every structure, and every policy. Nothing about America is fair and as long as racism is used as a form of governance by federal, state, and local governments we will never be safe, free, or fair. I'm exhausted and I really hope good people like yourself can see the value in the fight beyond 2020.

These Trump supporters aren't going away. If they win in 2020, it will be at least 100 years or more before we can get rid of them. Racists are raising kids and grandkids now. They are ready to continue their civil war, and they've infiltrated all of society. It's going to take a civil war to get rid of these people in order for our society to function properly. Sadly, Steven Bannon has exported America's hate and anti-Blackness globally. There is going to be no nation left unscathed.

People are going to have to pick and choose which side of the fence they are on. I choose humanity. I hope more people do so.

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