I agree with much of your assessment, but Gabbard has done some decent things for people during her time in Congress which is why I gave her one thumbs up. I’m not going to just go after all the bad stuff as if she hasn’t done anything good or right.

My claps are from my readers who appreciate the time I took to provide them a minimally biased review. I briefly noted her racism, close ties to the GOP, and homophobic issues, in addition to providing links for readers to discover on their own how terrible she is — if they choose to do so.

Her positions on race and LGBTQ issues are only a portion of a person’s life. I provided details regarding the bills she sponsored or co-sponsored during her time in Congress. Did you not take the time to review any of those things? In any event, you’re entitled to your view on Gabbard. I’m not a one or two issue voter — and my reviews hopefully reflect as much.

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