I agree with our assessment, but I also have skepticism because I have been mislead by jumping on bandwagons of stories with huge gaps and a lack of evidence. This story reminds me of the Black lady who misidentified a White guy who shot into her car and killed her kids. We all came to her defense, beat White folks to death, put out BOLOs for White men in red trucks doing racist things…only to discover the killer was a young Black guy.

So, I am being taught over and over again to reserve judgement in cases where there is so little evidence, huge gaps in stories, and racism attached due to a few bad apples and a few wrong stories. As a queer person I am fully aware of the abuse and harm that comes with our sexuality. I am also aware that in this fast spreading news atmosphere sometimes we are wrong.

So far, no camera, nowhere have been able to confirm this story. So I must be cautious. I don’t feel there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes it’s not that we’re being selective. It’s that we’ve been mislead before.

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