I agree with the Brat and I wrote about it as well. A parent allowing their children to be pimped by predator entertainment industry execs is a tragedy. These celebrities have many people who enable their terrible behavior. Bill Cosby was enabled by his wife and a criminal justice system that does not believe women. R. Kelly had Black women, a cadre of handlers and enablers, and an entire community that turned a blind eye to a grown man going to high schools and McDonalds picking up young girls.

The biggest enablers/offenders in the Catholic Church sex abuse cases, Michael Jackson, and R. Kelly (among those we know of) are parents. Parents send their kids to these places and leave them. Parents trust too much. Parents thinking their kids is their meal ticket. Parents allow themselves and their kids to be groomed by perps and they are all down for it.

Where are the parents, and why are they so easily jaded by money and power?

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