I agree with the rationale. My ex-husband who was retired military always voted Republican and he could not give me one good reason why lol. I had to teach about parties and how his vote impacted people before he changed his loyal voting habit. I think it’s part of the military’s brainwashing process. They don’t allow soldiers to think.

Because I’ve seen it in more than one case (even among people of color — my ex was Black), I understand the rationale (albeit a stupid one). I agree with Chris at least he apologized for believing in Trump and is man enough to admit it. That’s the only thing I could question his judgement about, but with my background with military folks I completely understand the vote.

I hate he got out of the race, or was forced out rather. I think we should really work diligently to call the media out on their bias and force them to give all candidates a fair shot at getting some exposure. If they don’t, the Dems could find themselves with their own little Mussolini lol. Thanks for reading.

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