I agree, with ya. White women help prop up White men because they benefit indirectly and sometimes directly. White men believe in taking care of White women to ensure their faux White lineage lives on. When these men die, they pass on inheritances of their stolen treasures to White women and White children, carrying on the basic principles of White Supremacy. They benefit, that’s why they aid and abet White men who engage in White Supremacy.

What we fail to realize is that not everyone is cut out to for work. Not all women want to work. Some women enjoy staying home and catering to their men, raising families, and keeping homes. I respect that. It’s work too. What I dislike is them supporting and raising the types of men who believe in oppressing others because they are comfortable. At the end of the day, everything is centered around White comfort. As long as White women and men are comfortable, to hell with the rest of us. The sooner Black and Brown people figure this out, the sooner we could all get on one page and defeat white supremacy.

But white supremacy has created all these detours that side tracks minorities and redirects their time and attention from the bigger picture. Before we defeat the biggest enemies (white nationalism and white supremacy) we’ve splintered into other groups usually co-opted by white folks to help them, not us. We all need to wake up. We Blacks and POC are often willfully ignorant tools for white supremacy, and in the end we help sustain it when we don’t look at movements and direct our attentionto liberation from White rule.

White supremacy is the ultimate enemy, and everything we say, do, believe, or don’t believe can be traced back to it. White women are no different than white men when it comes to the way they oppress. They just don’t do it as overtly as White men.

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