I agree with you, but at the root of every movement to include Black Lives Matter we’re asking got the justice system to treat people of color the same (equality) as Whites are treated when we engage with law enforcement. And yes, White people scream all lives matter it’s about inequality. They want to deny or oppress one’s rights (to include their freedom to express those rights) giving preferences to Whites, White cops, all police — whomever possesses power.

Police have far too much power, creating the injustices in an unjust system. The scales of justice are supposed to be balanced. Equal. Equality.

LGBTQ rights fights are about fairness and Equality.

The Children’s Defense Fund is about making sure poor children and children of color have the same opportunities as other children in America — Equality

Civil Rights is all about having the same rights and opportunities as Whites. Same = Equal. Equality.

Criminal Justice reform is all about ensuring the police are policing us equally based on the population makeup and and not prosecuting and persecuting people of color which highlights the racist tendencies of said system. Criminal Justice reform is about equality.

Feminism is started with women wanting to be treated equally and given the same opportunities as men. From voting rights, to wage and salary

For me personally, it’s simpler to fight for justice and equality. I gave it a lot of thought. I can help all of these groups fight for equality, even if I’m not apart of the disenfranchised or oppressed group.

Everyone wants to be recognized because we all have been oppressed in some manner all though of all the groups white women have been oppressed the least I’d say. In our effort to stand up for ourselves, we’ve divided ourselves in a lot of ways that ties up and overlaps resources and manpower because each said group wants to make “their point.” Many people feel the way you do, they’ve been fighting under the umbrella of XXX for said number of years and can’t let go of that cause, that title, or that fight. Well — that’s fine, just know you’re fighting for equality.

That’s the only point I attempted to make. We’re so fractured. The fight is (or should be) equality vs inequality. Anyone opposing equality is the enemy. You can call them a racist, feminists, a White nationalists, gay, trans, a woman, a man, an immigrant, or a politician in X party — they all are either for or against equality.

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