I agree with you. I see no reason to further demoralize Whitney, or her mother. She has lived a very public life (the beautiful and not so beautiful parts). We stand to learn nothing more from viewing this movie. Nor do we have anything to gain, except the more airing of someone’s dirty laundry and family secrets which is none of our business.

Anyone with a good healthy brain who has lived with someone addicted to anything (food, sex, drugs, alcohol, porn) has already seen the Whitney movie. It’s complex, it’s hard to understand no matter the side you view from. You also know the pain of a mother who has done everything in the world to keep her kids from the grips of drugs…and yet they choose that path anyway. It’s a trail of sorrow, hurt, humiliation regret, anger, destruction and sometimes death. Leave Whitney resting (finally) in her grave along with her only child. Leave her dirty laundry in the closet. And let her mother live her last days in private. Seems she’s never going to have any peace.

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