I agree with your assessment. The First Act barely modifies the Second Chance Act that already existed. The bill is worthless, but ensures White folks caught up in the fake and ever evolving “war on drugs” don’t get the same treatment the Blacks have over the past 40–50 years. It clearly coincides with the manufactured opioid crisis that has no money allocated to defeating the problem.

My issues are like yours, the bill doesn’t connect ex-offenders with employments, doesn’t create legislation making it illegal for any employer to discriminate based on arrest or conviction unless the conviction is directly tied to a person doing the job they applied for, doesn’t put time frames on how long a person should be punished by society after they have completed their sentences and probation, does not included meaningful incentives for employers hiring and training ex-offenders, and doesn’t bar states from withholding public assistance, post-secondary financial aid, training programs, etc. for ex-offenders.

It’s a worthless bill in my opinion. The things a person really needs to get back on their feet, provide for their families, and live with dignity are not there. This act is simply a worthless piece of paper. Letting someone out without giving them a helping hand is simply sending them back or making them a burden on family and friends.

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