I agree. You’re either for or against equality. For fairness or against fairness. We don’t need all these different labels and new ways to achieve the same goal for each social justice cause or humanitarian issue we have. At the root of every problem in my opinion is inequality, all tied to some form of discrimination. It’s in this nation’s DNA.

Feminism is such a farce. For example, you can have two women working on the same job (one White, one of Color) but the women of color earns 10%-20% less in wages because the employer suffers from a case of implicit bias. With all the studies out there, feminism doesn’t have much to say about this, or other issues that have to do with inequality under the feminism umbrella. It’s a gloried social club. I’m happy to see more people realizing feminism isn’t what it claims to be. I’m fighting for equality from now on and I hope to expose anything that keeps us from achieving this goal. Thanks for reading!

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