I also believe the earth will be fine. Many will drown due to rising sea levels and we may eventually lose most fish species with the varied oversight globally. I’m an avid outdoorsman (I don’t hunt), but I do fish, camp, and I enjoy nature. I can tell the difference in the earth in the way food grows, the way animals behave. If we don’t stop consuming, nothing changes. Oil and the automotive industry will surely be the death of us. It’s tied to corporate greed. If consumers would wake up and understand how capitalism works we could get out of this mess, but as long as we remain willfully ignorant and comfortable with the propaganda of consuming, we’re dying.

My youngest son has decided he didn’t want kids either and he’s about your son’s age. I told him it was a wise decision. The world has become too cruel, too uncaring, too unsafe, and it’s very expensive and time consuming to raise kids. People are too evil, racism globally is overt and ready to damage lives. Who needs that hassle if the world is going to be distressed?

I applaud anyone who can see that far into the future so young. I wish I would’ve been that wise. I never thought I’d see these times. Humans are really a piece of work.

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