I always laugh when I hear people say I need to keep up with my kid and they don’t have a cellphone. We didn’t have cell phones when we were kids (I am 46). No one ever stole us. We were latch-key kids. I made it home just fine. And I had chores, I didn’t have time to play on a phone.

I personally think society has everyone paranoid and scared something is always going to happen their kids, they always need to micromanage, and they falsely “need” to be connected to the internet. Today, our kids have fewer life skills than their parents because of technology. It’s sad, and frightening.

My friend got her good little upper middle-class suburan angels cell phones and they now sing about Molly’s and Percocets, watch Youtube videos of “influencers” their own age who tell them what they should and should not eat, and these kids now curse using words like “Fuck boy.” The kids are 11, 12, and 15. She will never admit she made a mistake giving these phones to her kids. Nor will she admit that her kids are addicted to the technology.

People underestimate the power of technology. If the makers of technology don’t want their kids and young loved ones to have it because of its addictive nature, then we should take heed. Instead, we make concessions trying to rationalize bending to give our kids and something they want. No one needs a cell phone.

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