I always wonder how Jewish killings got to take precedence when they arrived here AFTER African descendants? Not saying that one group should be more important than another, but my God we were here first, yet we skip Black lives to hold sacred Jewish lives because of America’s supposed connection to Christianity (we are supposed to be Gentiles). It’s the craziest thing!!!

Then here are the lives of the two Blacks killed in KY were noticeably absent from all weekend discussions unless Blacks forced their names to be called when remembering the dead. The media is so trifling! The bias and ignorance if blatant and obvious. They are complicit in this White Supremacy narrative.

Finally, notice all three suspects of last week hate crimes are alive and in jail sucking up taxpayer dollars. If anyone deserves to be killed by police because they “feared for their lives” are these racist cowards. How do you shoot two people in the head and say you intended to do so, and still be alive? How do you kill 11 and would four state/local cops and not die? How do you send bombs to 2 ex presidents and a host of sitting Congressmen and women and not die at the hands of cops?

White Supremacy is how. They fear us, but they don’t fear themselves, the real evil ones. I was waiting on you to light this shit on fire. You did not disappoint. Thank you Sis!

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