I am archiving this post to use it to slay dummy head dragons, projecting bigots, stupid asses, and/or tornado fools who fail to sufficiently read my essays, feeling the need to spew their hate and stupidity into the atmosphere. This essay is timely, and Cipolla’s Laws is absolutely hilarious. It’s prophecy for sane. 😂😂😂

I can’t tell you how many White and invisible men call ME a racist for talking about real American racism. They take it personal like I talked about their momma. These fools are so ballistic and ready to pick a fight it’s crazy, especially with Black folks. It would be interesting to see how many reports of abuse Medium receives daily by writers of color (based on photos). The one thing these crazies don’t understand is they are so predictable. It’s elementary. Every time they speak, they expose their warped minds. With the recent spike in violent occurrences and the digital footprints left by bombers and shooters, I take every threat serious.

If a man can’t engage respectfully and intellectually without threats and name calling, I am reporting them. I have no time to risk my life talking to someone who doesn’t like me, can’t communicate sanely, and starts off hostile.

This is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!

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