I am down with the Moral March. My son’s in Charlotte. Maybe I can do a tour. After my nashing of teeth, I realize that I can’t give up. Florida did allow over a million ex-offender felons to have the right to vote restored, and I had been fighting for that to get on the ballot literally since I moved here 7-years ago. I am happy for them, and happy I supported the measure in its infancy. I can say we got a victory, but now (like always) we have to pay close attention to the state legislature for the disenfranchisement and gerrymandering tactics that will take place when people in certain places are added to voter rolls. FL is as bad as Georgia and North Carolina combined. It’s like 5 states in one here. Throw in the selfish rich and middle-class racist from up North and the Midwest who live here part time and cast votes…we have a hot ass mess here!

Most of Florida’s ex-felons getting their rights back are Black and Brown (FL has a history of locking up poor White children, Black and Brown people, especially young Black kids)…so that’s favoring the Dems. According to a public policy study, Florida is the only state in the country that sentences juveniles to life without parole for burglary, battery and carjacking. We are so punitive here, without taking into consideration the extreme poverty, abuse, and neglect many children experience here. Many of these kids never had a shot because they were born on the wrong side of the tracks to parents proned to addiction. Let’s not even talk about incest here….

FL has a funny way of disenfranchising young people, and that’s by using the criminal justice systems. People forget about Florida’s history of cruel and usual punishment. It too coincides with the 1800’s, and it’s always unfair. It’s very political too. Poor people tend to vote morally, while middle-class, wealthy, and racists tend to vote their pocket books, privilege and their race. There are a few ignorant POCs I know who voted GOP Republican just because they said they support our military (with their mouths anyway) or say they believe in God. My ex-husband was like that when I met him.

After I explained to him how the GOP contradicted themselves by not putting their money where their mouths were (i.e. taking care of our Vets, fixing VA, and stopping fucking with folks starting wars), they don’t send their rich kids to serve, and many in Congress thought they were too good to serve, he saw the light. But it took a month of digging in his ass, giving straight facts, and basically saying I couldn’t be married to an ignorant, educated man for him to see the light. 😂😂

As far as politics goes, the GOP has cheated it’s way into power in our state legislative races for decades to have this 1860’s like oppressive super power majority bullshit we have in our midst right now. Cheating got them into power, and cheating keeps them in power. The South is infamous for it. They create the playbooks for the rest of the nation to go by.

I’m happy with the small strides, but after centuries of waiting…I’m tired. Our history says it’s not reasonable or feasible to keep fighting this type of war with them, they simply evolve. The harder we fight and the more we gain it seems the more we are pushed back. It’s a tug of war where the opposing team has a few strong men (who got that way by cheating taking steroids), while the other side are all of the sick, the elderly, the poor…the weakest people in our society.

We are malnourished.

They, those in power, keep taking all of our sustenance and keeping us weak so we can never win the game!

I have hope, but it’s as dim. Really dim. Keep me posted on the March. I am going to put it on my calendar. I am coming. Gotta keep fighting and making our presence known. Thanks for the encouragement. I just love you Sis!❤️

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