I am fully aware of Woodward’s stellar reputation and accomplishments. I have admired and respected him as soon as I was old enough to learn who he was and what he did.

But that was then. His shine has tarnished in my eyes and I see him the same way I see the rest of liberal, excusing making White men who will put their legacies and dollar signs before our lives.

I disagree with on this one. Woodward didn’t have to tell in Feburary, but he could have said something in March… April. I live in a hot spot. I had to visit my parents through a screen door. I can’t travel. I had to cancel my plans to Costa Rica next month. My passport is useless and my family can’t get one to escape this shithole. Businesses have literally gone out of business, small mom and pop restaurants. They took the L because of the virus and misinformation. Entire strip malls are closing in my community because we can’t the virus under control and every city/county are doing different things. There are people out here now who believe nothing scientist and healthcare professionals say because the president lied and Woodward knew he was lying.

Millions of people are at-risk because of a sociopath. Knowing about a crime and refusing to tell is an accessory to a crime. I really dislike how people are justifying his behavior. He’s a journalist for God’s sake! He could have sent something anonymously. I mean, where there is a will, there is a way. He waited until his BOOK was finished, edited, and ready to send out for reviews to get folks all stirred up to buy it.

It’s orchestrated, it’s all diabolical, and I think they both are evil. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. If Woodward was Black and had info that could have saved the lives of White people, the Black person would be in the electric frying already.

I wish people would stop being devil’s advocate. Devils don’t need any representation or advocacy. Their deeds speak for themselves.

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