I am sorry about your ovarian cyst issues. I had them so much and endometriosis from so many surgeries that I eventually decided to have a partial hysterectomy. On the flip side, the removal of the cysts cleared the way to become very, very fertile. Best wishes with your recovery and any decision you should make regarding your future family endeavors.

In my opinion, you should NEVER be ashamed for being mature and deciding not have a child now if you feel you aren’t ready. Having a child is a life long call of duty full of sacrifice, and dying to self. Your time is no longer your own. Everything you do from the time the child is born until the child is self sufficient falls upon your shoulders. People glorify parenthood like it is all glorious and good, forgetting to talk about the cost, work, and most importantly the strain it puts on your marriages/relationships. Less time for your partner, all the time goes to raising kids. I have two grown kids, pregnant 4 times. It wasn’t all fun and it wasn’t easy. Although I love my kids and I am happy that I have them, I always say I could have had way more in life, done lots more things, and had great experiences had I prolonged, deferred, or even opted out of child rearing. Listening to others…..smh

Don’t feel guilty for choosing yourself. Do what you love, and live without regret……….regardless of what you decide.

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