I am tired of reading and being interrupted by ads, which is why I prefer Medium (and why I pay for it). I am NOT going to pay for an online news subscription, when I already pay for overpriced cable television that shows the same news stories on every news channel (with the exception of the international news, and a few nonprofit media sources). I prefer nonprofit models because they discuss topics I care about nationally and internationally. They also appear to have less slant. I don’t read the news to be a commodity (i.e. ad companies collecting my info to sell me crap at a later date). If news companies can’t figure out a way to give us the news without taking a way accessibility and charging your great grandmother’s right arm, well that’s just not my problem.

These media outlets are top heavy with huge overhead costs. They need to learn to be more efficient just like everyone else has. Charging consumers will not make them profitable or keep the doors opened. It’s only delaying the inevitable.

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