I appreciate this essay, as I feel the same way. I also feel Medium has a diversity issue. The topics featured rarely appeal to people of color. Looking today I see “Freezing Coral Sperm Could Save Our Reefs,” and “Why CBD Oil is My Sleep Aid of Choice,” and “The Ultimate Guide to Fantastic Beasts 3.”

What even in the heck is Fantastic Beast? Medium’s featured topics are usually so-so White, so-so feminist driven, or so-so not feature worthy because the topics are niche. Medium is just like the rest of the media world, pasty.

I search really hard for topics and titles I want to read. I have tried to unsubscribe from most of the publications because they rarely have titles and topics I care to learn about. I don’t get my favs in my feed like I used to and that’s frustrating, because I can’t support them. We all want and need validation. I also notice the recycling of our old stuff, which is cool…but it means our new stuff isn’t being read and we are actually making less money because the algorithms are not pushing our freshest content, the most current thoughts and ideas.

I appreciate your candor and the break downs of how Medium has decided to feature already established (and published writers), instead of helping some of us get out of Medium and onto other platforms. Medium is kind of like the Oscars. It lacks diversity, and it’s resisting it.

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