I appreciate your patience. Hearing the same thing with the same old rationale without the ability to think systemically is frustrating. Give me substance, redirect me when I am straying

I have lived trying to do the right thing all of my life in the public sector, knowing full well if I did not, I would be punished when others were doing the same thing would not (others= White people). I would be removed and replaced with White person and life would keep on going.

I think after reading the history of how long we Black folks have been mistreated, how long we’ve fought, how we’re the butt of jokes, how Whiteness has thrown roadblocks and barriers in our way, and how no matter what we do we can never measure up — it’s frustrating. Like most people competing with Whiteness eventually you develop a “If you can’t beat the dirty, join the dirty” attitude, forsaking all things good, is absolutely wrong.

You were right. Your words were truth and just a reminder of how powerful Whiteness is. Virginia needs to clean house — but the Democratic Party needs to check it’s race and privilege problems because they have them big time.

Thanks for your patience and it was indeed a robust debate on truth and leading with integrity. We need more of this.

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