I approve of this message. And media outlets have the audacity to expect people to pay for their biased, incompetent, race-baiting, non-diverse publications. We can hardly trust anything we read or watch as you beautifully noted. The race baiting is the worst I would say. All the stories about bad, racist Whites being their usually terrible selves are too much. There is no balance. News used to be good and informative with a little bad in between. Now we are with bad news with lots of gossip, and little informing on important things we need to know (like what in the hell was in Trump’s tax bill).

The news needs to become a not-for-profit entity and be free or reasonable. They need to spend time hiring diverse talent, and teach common sense writing with integrity. It’s not that hard to be a paper of integrity. It’s also important people of color create their own news vehicles they desire to have. We don’t have to consume their trash — in fact we shouldn’t. We should model the change we want. If enough of us do it, we could make a huge impact.

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