I call it all Whitelash. White people complain about any and everything. Planning on doing something for the poor, White people complain and rebel. Black folks asking for reparations? White folks rebel and complain. Ask the police to stop kicking our asses and killing us, and White folks will center something else, they’ll make a slogan to counter ours. If someone suggests we be relieved of our student debt, White folks will find a way to bitch about it because they don’t get anything for maintain their place in the social order by the move. Nevermind they’ve had all the opportunity, all the power, all the wealth, and all the stuff. If anyone else is centered, there is Whitelash from White people.

Whitelash manifests itself in many forms, but the one thing that’s consistent is that when some other groups tries to center itself, assert itself, or asks America to do right by them, Whitelash comes and takes it place on the throne. White people always punish us with some sort of rage, retalliation, or rebuttal for asking for that they already have or moving into spaces deemed only for them.

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