I can definitely see the point Eoin. But I believe as you've stated when you know better you'll do better, and because people have different antiracism journeys and pathways, it's impossible to determine when someone is going to stop intentionally being racist or indifferent and begin attempting to be anti-racist.

It's like someone who is obese who decided to get healthy. They know they are obese, and they may be healthy, but the person hates being stared at in public and dislikes not being able to wear all the hot fashions. They intentionally make a lifestyle change to accomplish their goals. Racism works the same way.

Racism is entrenched in everything, and we all experience from cradle to grave. In order for a system to be inherently racist there must be enough individuals to make it and keep it that way. White people must do the work at home and understand at home how they create and sustain these systems will continuing to navigate them. Does that make them bad people, I say no...because they are actually trying to treat others better and be antiracist, but they are still benefitting from the racist structures and privileges put in place exclusively for White people which is why I say it's impossible to completely disconnect from racism if you're White unless you upend the entire world and make things fair.

We both know that isn't happening, so we must work with what we have. I believe two things can be true at the same time. All White people are racist (because they can't help it) and start life racist, but as they grow and learn (hopefully they learn and see the inequality and injustice), they spend the rest of their lives living and working to change things. Racist acts are often individual acts with the exception of politics and policy of course. One person presents a racist idea and others buy into it.

White people engaging in racism must understand that you can control somethings, but not all things. Some days you're going to be racist, engage in racism, use White privilege. or act racistly for personal gain because you can. Others times, you'll be anti-racist and help otherness. It is what it is. We all need to become comfortable with these dualing realities until White Supremacy is no more. It's a start.

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