I can see your point, but don’t make this about your White wife. I’m making this about Black me, and the White man in the elevator. I don’t know any womem of color who act like that woman on the elevator. I have a few White female friends and they all act like some man is always looking at them like snacks ready to rape them.

They complain about people of color too. They just tell me in subtle and not so subtle ways in my face I’m not like the people they’ve been conditioned to fear. It may not be all White women or your wife, but there is definitely a theme with a large swath of White women with constant delusions of victimization who fit this bill.

We have plenty of reasons to fear White women. Trust me, only a fool wants that kind of trouble for themselves. White women have a long history of making false accusations and getting Black people killed. It’s so much more than you’ll ever know.

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