I can understand a White person feeling defensive about the piece. The only people who wouldn’t be defensive (possibly) are long-time allies. People still learning to allies must learn how institutional and structural racism have harmed us and the role all White people play in upholding it. All White people benefit from White Supremacy. Many enable it. Very few go the extra mile to stop it.

Black people are angry have allowed things to come to this again. I would hope that White people could move beyond their personal feelings to see the humanity in Black people, understand how racial discrimination and bias have harmed us, and allow us to breathe free from duress. Being silent when you can’t add value is away of showing respect. It’s building a bridge. Speaking out of turn or incoherently could burn a potential bridge. Knowing when to speak is as important as knowing what to say. When in doubt, say less, or nothing at all.

We’ve never been one nation. Some people are finally seeing this thanks to video evidence. For many, it’s still not enough. This is a season of division, one not caused by us. We all are just going to have to deal with it and see what it looks like on the other side. Hopefully, we will get more allies from it. Thank you so much for reading. I want us to get this thing right. We need White people to fix this.

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